SOLID has been providing services to executives since 1989. The following companies from equity-backed, start-up to F100 are a staple of the extensive industry experience by our team and firm.

“SOLID provided amazing support for me in my recent career transition to VP of Business Development for a software company. Now every month he is helping me advance my career performance, improve my family life, and to grow spiritually.”Business Development Executive$43M Global Interactive Agency
“SOLID has made a tremendous impact on both my professional and personal life. They taught me that people actually think differently than I do, and it is my responsiblity to still get along with them. They also helped me grow spiritually.”Systems Test Manager
“SOLID began coaching me nearly five years ago. They helped me move gracefully and effectivley into my first executive managment position as a Nat’l VP of $170MM company. I still use SOLID’s teachings nearly everyday in my professional and personal life. They do excellent work.”Randy R., Managing Director
“The immediate focus of our coaching was on the needs I had to expand my influence and develop better external relationships. However, the principles I learned through the coaching have been applicable across many situations and growth opportunities since then. I have also been able to use many of the same techniques and approaches to mentor and coach high potential members of my team to higher performance.”VP ServicesGlobal Software Developer
“I am really enjoying our sessions…Your coaching is really helping me deal with many aspects of my work life. It helps me deal with my senior executive relationships. As well, it helps me work with and motivate my people to be more productive. It is great to have someone experienced to bounce off of situations that are complex and troubling to me – as they say in the MasterCard commercials, ‘price-less.’”President, $2B Technology Distributor
“SOLID has a large and effective toolbox for helping executives. He can coach at a deep personal level or across teams by balancing an individual’s needs and challenges with the organizations strategic business requirements. His methods and interactions are highly practiced and efficient with an intense focus on producing agreed outcomes against the agreed time and dollar investment. SOLID has helped me personally as an executive coach when I needed a collaborator and advisor.”Lloyd W., CEO Software Start-up

Sample Client List

  • Everyone
  • Consumer Services
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Private Equity
  • Professional Services
  • Technology