Are you a SOLID leader? Ask yourself these five questions:

S. Serve

Do you desire to be of service to others?

O. Order

Are you adept at bringing order out of chaos?

L. Lead

Are you skilled in influencing others?

I. Integrate

Do you integrate your beliefs with your actions?

D. Design

Do you design your personal and professional life for true success?

How did you do? Were you able to honestly say “Yes” to each question, or did you find yourself doing some soul-searching or doubting your own responses?

These are difficult questions to answer. Nearly everyone has blind spots in these five areas, and the SOLID Leadership Assessment can help you uncover them.

[Download the SOLID Leadership Assessment]

In just 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll find more of your hidden strengths and weaknesses. 

Make the most of this information by recording it and reviewing it regularly. Our complimentary ebook, Eliminate Executive Blind Spots, is designed to be a repository for all your executive assessments. Be sure to download it if you have not already done so, then record your results under the heading “SOLID Leadership Assessment.”