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SOLID One-Minute Coaching™

Giving constructive feedback is critical for improving the performance of your people. However, an excess of negative feedback is destructive. As a general rule, executives tend to offer too little positive feedback and too much that is seen as negative. 

We don’t have to wait until there’s something to shout about. We need to make more positive comments and talk about the small wins as well as the big ones.

In a 2005 American Psychologist article, Marcial Losada and Barbara Fredrickson famously claimed that to flourish, people needed to experience three times more positive emotions than negative emotions. Although the three-to-one ratio has been debunked, the core concept is accurate. People need to receive more good than bad input to do their best. This is especially true regarding feedback from their executive.

How to Deliver Feedback

When you deliver feedback, keep in mind how you feel when on the receiving end of feedback.

Be sure to provide more positive than negative. Always start with a positive statement. State that you are “for” those you lead. State that you want their best and you are seeking a path toward mutual success.

Remember: Criticism is an opportunity to resolve a problem. It’s not meant to create an adversarial relationship.

Coaching Questions

How do your direct reports respond to your feedback? Why do you think that is?

What are your blind spots around how you deliver feedback? If you’ve been using our complimentary ebook Eliminate Executive Blind Spots to track your insights into your former blind spots, be sure to review your notes. If you haven’t downloaded the ebook yet, click the button below to do so.

What impact would you have on your company if you made improvements in your approach to feedback?

Finally, what can you do to better celebrate success, and give your team positive feedback?

Learning to be effective in delivering feedback is an essential leadership skill. If you are a bona fide executive working on your leadership skills, we would be happy to help you with this or any other aspect of growing yourself to the next level. Click to schedule a complimentary coaching session to “try us out.” 

I think you will be surprised at how effective executive coaching is.