Setting effective boundaries in coaching is important. Here is our Coach/Leaders Agreement, that attempts to do just that. Hope this is helpful for all your coaches out there.

Coach/Leader Boundaries provides a mutual understanding of expectations, clarifies responsibilities, and forms a solid foundation for a successful engagement. Coach and Client need to discuss and negotiate each bullet as desired, initial each section when fully agreed, and sign this Agreement, each retaining a copy to be reviewed at times during the engagement.

  1. Be Coachable

____ I, the Leader, agree to:

  • Actively pursue input, coaching, feedback, and suggestions, fully engaging in becoming a better leader.
  • Openly discuss issues, solicit direct, candid feedback, and ask Coach to hold me accountable.
  • Avoid becoming defensive or deflecting constructive criticism, and strive for a transparent relationship with Coach.
  • Try new behaviors, even if uncomfortable, awkward, or seemingly unnatural at times.
  • Be willing to request help from those who would benefit most directly by my improved leadership (aka “Stakeholders”).

____ I, the Coach, will give candid and direct input, feedback, and observations, avoiding being political or diplomatic, and will serve as a positive role model, regularly asking for performance feedback (e.g. “How am I doing as your coach?”).

  1. Filter Input

____ I, the Leader agree to:

  • “Filter” all coaching based on what I believe, challenging Coach’s advice, and ultimately making up my own mind.
  • Choose what to work on, own those choices, and avoid asking or permitting Coach to be overly prescriptive.

____ I, your Coach, will help you design and prioritize goals and develop a realistic, actionable plan to improve your leadership.

  1. Measure Progress

____ I, the Leader, agree to:

  • Create a Leadership Development Plan (“Plan”) by setting clear written goals for several strengths to leverage, weaknesses to overcome, and people to develop.
  • Share one or more of these goals with Stakeholders, as decided upon with Coach, and ask them to evaluate me on behavioral changes from this date forward, not the past.
  • Ask for feedback from all Stakeholders once a month during this coaching engagement.
  • Gain monthly input and suggestions from Stakeholders, and capture in writing exactly what is suggested.
  • Refrain from commenting on, discussing, debating, or otherwise engaging in Stakeholder conversations regarding their input and suggestions, responding to all feedback and suggestions with simply “Thank you.”
  • Provide Coach, at the beginning of each session, with all new Stakeholder comments and/or suggestions.
  • Roleplay with Coach the key interactions I will have with Stakeholders in implementing my Plan.
  • Conduct a mini-survey every three to six months, and complete additional assessments as recommended.

____ I, your Coach, will help you select Stakeholders, interview Stakeholders when approved by you, measure progress, provide guidance that fits your needs and is in alignment with your organization, provide encouragement and support, and hold you accountable for reaching your full potential as a leader, pushing you when appropriate.

  1. Prepare in Advance and Manage Time

____ I, the Leader, agree to:

  • Review previous coaching session notes and homework prior to each new coaching session.
  • Begin and end on time (with a 5-minute grace period), manage the clock, and be responsible for driving the agenda.
  • Drive the scheduling of sessions and maintain the agreed-to frequency, as indicated in my Plan.
  • Be realistic: allow a 5-minute grace period before anyone is officially “late.”
  • Provide a generous amount of advance notice when needing to reschedule sessions.

____ I, your Coach, agree to return emails and phone calls within 24 hours unless unavailability is communicated in advance, and will help you gain additional resources as needed to achieve the goals of your Leadership Development Plan.

  1. Show Mutual Respect

____ I, the Leader, agree to:

  • Use discretion on what to share about what Coach says and maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest that compromise my integrity or that of Coach.

____ I, your Coach, will maintain complete confidentially unless otherwise discussed and agreed, and honor your NDA.

We agree to abide by our respective commitments contained herein. Indicate agreement below:

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