Executive Partner Opportunity

SOLID Leaders

Executive Partner Opportunity

Thanks for Your Interest in Joining the Executive Partner Team of SOLID Leaders!


SOLID Leaders was founded by legendary executive coach pioneer, Daniel Mueller. Since 1989, SOLID’s fanatical focus on results has produced more than 2,000 satisfied clients in more than 30 industries, from startups to the Fortune 50. See our partial client list here: https://solidleaders.com/


We specialize in helping individuals and organizations grow to the next level of performance. An innovative national leader in coaching, training and consulting, we serve leaders at all levels and excel at helping transform them, those they lead, and the organizations they run. We do this by delivering superior, leading edge CEO and board advising, executive leadership and career coaching, and C-suite consulting.


As an Executive Partner of SOLID Leaders, you will operate your own executive coaching practice from the comfort of your own home office. You will be an independent contractor and will cover your own home office expenses including your computer system equipped with Microsoft office suite. You will carry professional liability insurance that lists SOLID Leaders as additionally insured.

You will invest a total of $5,000 to cover our costs to on-board you. For this investment, you will earn between $100,000 and $200,000 in your first year as an Executive Partner, with earning potential increasing to more than $400,000 within 3 years. Before and during your executive coach training program our marketing and sales team will generate your first group of clients so that you realize a significant revenue stream from coaching our clients within just weeks of joining. During your first year as an Executive Partner, the principals of our firm will train you in all the skills required to market and sell our executive coaching services and acquire clients on your own if you so choose.

The SOLID executive coach training program includes 100’s of training guides on how to use our intellectual property to service our executive coaching clients. You will participate in weekly training meetings with the principals of the firm where you will be taught the art and science of executive coaching with some of the best executive coaching minds in the country!

All client invoicing, record keeping, and business administration will be handled by our team so you can focus your time, energy, and attention on getting great results with our clients and adding more clients as you desire!


You will sign a Sub-Contractor agreement giving you the rights to coach the clients of SOLID Leaders.

You will sign a Confidentiality and Non-Compete agreement outlining the terms of participation as a team member of SOLID Leaders.