Last week, we talked about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as an example of a popular but perhaps unscientific self-assessment. So, what if you told me you liked the idea of a personality assessment, but wanted something you could rely on in a business setting? There is a good chance I would suggest The Birkman Method.

What Is the Birkman Method?

The Birkman Method is a self-assessment that examines your strengths, behaviors, motivations and interests. It can reveal huge blind spots, such as behaviors others notice about you right away but that are completely subconscious to you. It can also help you match your career with not only what you do well, but what you enjoy doing.

The Birkman Method is equally helpful at the office and at home. It can help you perform better, improve the way you interact with others, and chart a more successful and satisfying life.

Birkman International bases its conclusions on scientific data and produces reliable and meaningful insight. I highly recommend it. You can learn more on the Birkman International website.

Acting on Your Results

If you take this assessment, be sure to make a note of your results in “Appendix #3 – Birkman” at the end of Eliminate Executive Blind Spots. You can download this complimentary ebook here if needed:

Remember, improvement only happens if you act. What step will you take today?