Are you an Energizer Bunny?

What is an Energizer Bunny? What does it take to be a great leader?

One hallmark is a passion for continuous improvement. Inside of you is likely a drive to take your leadership to the next level. You are rarely satisfied with your own performance. You want to do better.

A man with his head stuck in a drum, about to start playing, demonstrating how Energizer Bunny syndrome feelsWe often describe this as the Energizer Bunny syndrome. Do you recall the commercial for Energizer batteries that has played for decades? The character is perpetually beating the drum—it just keeps going and going. Most executives can relate to this feeling of the drumbeat continually clamoring to keep working, to do more and more. This overachiever characteristic is extremely common among high-performing leaders.

Coaching Questions

  • Do you sometimes wonder if something is wrong with you because you are rarely satisfied with your achievements?
  • Do you feel the need to keep going and going, no matter how well you have done?

This is a common characteristic of top-performing executives. You’re not alone. 

In light of this insight, what is your response? Do you find yourself relaxing and becoming more comfortable in your own skin? We often see this outcome when executives like you are validated. This is especially true for new or emerging executives who have not had much validation thus far in their careers.

Take your performance to the next level

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Daniel J. Mueller in Sao Paulo's Restaurant, Austin, TXAbout the Author

Daniel J. Mueller lives in Austin, Texas, where he provides coaching for leaders at every level. In his 30+ years as an executive coach, he has helped more than 1,500 top executives achieve their goals for continuous improvement.