SOLID provides three main types of coaching: Leadership Coaching (helping you grow in your present executive
role), Career Coaching (helping you gain a new executive role), and On Boarding Coaching (helping you start a
new executive role.) We think of this as “Full life-cycle coaching” as illustrated by this diagram.


“I worked with Daniel in my personal transition from one career path to another. He asks the right questions (not just the easy ones), uses his networks for the benefit of his clients, and is good at envisioning various pathways forward. I would recommend Daniel to anyone who is interested in making a transition.” – Robin Ferracone; CEO at Farient Advisors, LLC.

“Daniel is an outstanding coach and mentor. He has the unique ability to help you identify key priorities in your business and life and help you develop a plan for improvement. He is able to grasp a multitude of complex issues with ease and help you think through them in a logical and proactive manner. I highly recommend Daniel as an executive coach for any leader/organization looking to improve their game.” David Lesniak; CEO at Personiv

“I have worked with Daniel for about 15 years. He is a great coach and business mentor. He has worked with me on some very difficult employee situations and I have found his advice to be extremely valuable and his coaching to be highly effective. I highly recommend Daniel and his team.” – Glenn Lovelace; CEO at PVT

“If you are looking for a coach to get you and your team headed in the right direction. Coach Dan is your man. He worked with me and our TicketCity management team to be bigger, better, smarter and more disciplined. Everyone needs a coach and his team does it right.” – Randy Cohen; CEO at TicketCity

“Having known Daniel and marveled at his coaching abilities for over 20 years, I highly recommend him as an Executive Coach… he is one of the best Executive Coaches in the country. He is very passionate about helping people be the best they can be and cares deeply about who he is coaching. I personally have been coached by Daniel and would not have achieved a successful career without his help.” – Michael Fabry; CEO at Repeatable Sales Inc.

“Daniel is simply best-in-class. His professionalism and expertise are truly unique that result in a guaranteed return on investment. Executive coaching is a must for any and all senior-level executives and Daniel is the model coach. I highly recommend him and encourage anyone considering his services to reach out to me with questions about what I’ve gained through his coaching and mentorship.” David Turner; CEO at Contegix

“Daniel has great perceptive insights, offering a realistic and grounded sounding board … that help guide one’s personal and work path … having him in my corner is an incredible force multiplier allowing me to focus and achieve the goals we’ve set. His personal coaching is making a difference in my life progression, and suspect it is for the many he coaches. I sincerely recommend Daniel as an executive coach!” Tim Stanley; President at Ultra Electronics, Advanced Tactical Systems

“SOLIDLeaders has … been very instrumental in accelerating my transitions into each new role … the top of the pyramid doesn’t give the Chief Executive many venues to challenge his/her thinking… SOLIDLeaders served me very well as my sidekick, and helped me rehearse difficult situations beforehand.” – Arie Brish; Investor, Adviser, Board of Directors, Interim CEO

“Working with Daniel during my job search was beneficial for so many reasons. Daniel introduced me to hiring executives and peers, and helped me assess all areas of my life … kept me focused on my goals and was a fantastic sounding board and role-playing guide. Within four months of engaging with Daniel, I had received multiple job offers and ultimately accepted my position as CEO of Khorus. Daniel continues to coach me today.” Carolyn Jenkins; CEO at Khorus Software

“I worked with Daniel on several occasions. I found him to be very helpful and insightful. During our work together he helped strengthen our organization and provide much needed focus.” Vess Johnson; Professor at University of Arkansas; Former CEO – Several Tech Startups

“Daniel is kind, generous, honorable and trustworthy. He practices integrity in his dealings and is quietly determined and persistent without giving offense or appearing to be overbearing. All are characteristics of great mentors and coaches.” – William Taylor; CEO at Mortgage Factory Inc.

“Daniel deftly helped me navigate the waters through a myriad of challenges. Whether it was team/organizational issues, job search and compensation negotiations, or identifying personal leadership gaps and providing concise paths towards “remediation.” With knowledge, experience, and years of training, he builds leaders with purpose and integrity. I recommend Daniel to anyone looking for an executive coach.” Randy Richey; Principal Program Manager at Air France at Zodiac Inflight Innovations

“I contracted with Daniel in the mid-80’s to do some outside the box sales training. He did an outstanding job on the project and we’ve remained business associates and friends since that time. I would recommend Daniel as a trainer, motivator and executive coach. He will do an excellent job for you.” Doug Heintz; Director of Student Life and Development at Hallmark University

“When I began considering moving from the corporate world to an entrepreneurial environment I worked with Daniel. He helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and how they would play out in a start- up. His coaching and guidance challenged me and helped me to grow both personally and professionally.” Betty Otter-Nickerson; Former CEO

“Daniel is one of the executive coaching pioneers and is an excellent coach, mentor and educator. Daniel’s methods bring together strong knowledge, years of experience coaching, an understanding of the human condition, care and spiritual awareness to unveil a better you.” Scott Burns; VP of Operations North America at MTData; Former CEO

“Daniel is a great high tech executive coach who helped me through some pretty rough waters during the tech- bust of 2001. I recommend him for anyone who needs an extra confidence boost or just some good old fashion career coaching.” Tom Dye; Former CEO

“Daniel Mueller is a gifted and well-connected executive coach who added tremendous value both to my company during a significant period of transition, as well as helped make me a more effective leader through 1-on-1 coaching. I highly recommend Daniel for anyone motivated to improve their career.”Robert Jones; COO/CTO at

“I engaged Daniel Mueller as my executive coach last year. The result? A profoundly positive impact on my life and business. Daniel Mueller has my highest recommendation.” Bob Chrysler; President at Audiogenex, Inc.

“Daniel provided good counsel to me in the areas of career coaching and business strategy around an M&A transaction. He provides good insight and expertise in the areas of career coaching and organizational dynamics. I enjoyed working with him, and believe he can be a real asset to people in these areas.” – Mark McClain; CEO & Founder at SailPoint Technologies

“I have worked with Daniel for over 20 years now. He has helped me significantly with career decisions, organizational development, and overall leadership. His knowledge, experience, friendship and partnering approach have been a perfect blend for my continued growth both at home and at work.” John Ciulla; President & CEO at Regatta Solutions Group


“Daniel consistently challenged me to go beyond the limits I had placed upon myself. More often than not, I’d find that I was capable of more than my preconceptions about myself. As a result of Daniel’s coaching, I believe I was better able to both grow and to contribute.” John Croix; IC Digital Platform Lead, Architect

“I have known Daniel for more than 10 years. During the time I have worked with Daniel several times and I can confidently say I will work with him again. I find Daniel to be an excellent coach and mentor. He has a straight forward, no nonsense approach that enabled my career growth from Manager to VP. I am so confident with Daniels ability to help people navigate their career path I have recommended Daniel to a family member.” Pat Downing; Chief Technology Officer at FirstClose

“Daniel provided amazing support for me in my recent career transition to VP of Business Development for a software company. Now every month he is helping me advance my career performance, improve my family life, and to grow spiritually.” Tom Fornoff; Partner at Yvonne Tocquigny Branding Group

“Daniel is an executive coach who distinguishes himself in his field by his savvy, insightful, and practical advice. His knowledge of the corporate world allows him to “cut to the chase” to deliver actionable advice that will allow his clients to accelerate their careers. He consistently develops creative solutions to problems and obstacles in order to convert them to opportunities. I strongly recommend him to anyone hoping to unlock their professional potential.” Eileen Kamerick; Board member, CFO, Trusted Advisor

“Working with Daniel was a true pleasure. Every minute with him was packed with great insights, specific guidance to help me with the latest challenge, and direct suggestions for what to do next. Was absolutely worth the investment, and I’m very grateful for his coaching and friendship. Highly recommend for any executive hoping to take their career to the next level.” Kevin Mayes; CTO

Life Coaching: “I started working with Daniel in 2017. He is a great life coach who quickly assimilates your needs and develops solutions that work for you based on your personal strengths. He has an uncanny ability to drill directly to the essence of the challenge on all sides of the picture. I highly recommend him to help you with your journey.” Stefanie Cavanaugh; CFO at Apollo Endosurgery

Career Coaching: “Daniel is a solid, pragmatic, strategic coach who backs it up with a strong integrity and faith. He is able to see issues clearly and tell you what you need to hear, even if it is not what you want to hear. He is very good at helping you move forward, track activity and hold you accountable for it. His word is his bond. I strongly recommend Daniel’s services.” Jon Irvin; CFO

“Daniel has provided excellent career coaching for me over the years. I am particularly indebted to him for his guidance and encouragement on professional networking. Without hesitation I recommend him as an executive coach both at an individual and team level for any organization.” Ramon Acosta; CTO; Technology/Engineering Executive

“I have been working with Daniel for several months. He has helped me become much more purposeful and effective in my management style. He has a way of addressing blind spots that are sometimes difficult to see in yourself. I highly recommend executive coaching with Daniel if you want to take your management game to the next level.” – Brent Gibbs; EVP at SouthStar Bank

“Daniel’s insights into work/life balance, the executive mindset and human psychology are invaluable to anyone looking to forward their executive career. I highly recommend him as an executive coach.” Andrew Kirkwood; Senior Director of Formation & Reservoir Solutions at Halliburton

Daniel was literally a God-send to my career. I just had not been able to determine a course of action when contemplating entering the entrepreneurial world. Daniel became executive coach, confident, colleague, friend, knowledge-master and true-north during my search. The relationship stayed and persists since moving from Austin – and I sincerely covet it. I believe it a true statement: Daniel’s skills and savvy led me to leap up a level in my career and most certainly enabled me to achieve the success I now enjoy.” Andy Liwen, CEO and Founder at Aplacare, Inc.

“I have been a client of Daniel’s for several years now. His experience and guidance has been instrumental in successfully navigating the difficult journey from individual contributor to executive management. Our work together has definitely put me further ahead in my career than I otherwise would have been.” Lane Warshaw; Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting

“Daniel was instrumental in enabling me to “jump the fence” from law to business. I highly recommend him.” Errol Stone; CEO at Stone Business Consultants


“Daniel is passionate about his client’s success, and very supportive as the client implements his suggestions. He is trustworthy and generous. I really enjoyed working with him.”Donna Barger; Program Manager, Enterprise Search at IBM

“Daniel partnered with me as I transitioned into a Director-level role at AMI Semiconductor. He provided valuable insights and worked with me on some blind-spots that made the transition a smooth one and helped prepare me for the next level. Daniel has been great at staying in touch and I count him a valuable member of my team. Thanks Daniel!” – Rob Troy; Technical leader in SoC/ASIC development

“Daniel is excellent at leading you to achieve your maximum potential both professionally and personally. His approach, experiences, motivation and commitment to accountability is world class and he delivers results for your leadership journey. Daniel leads by example and serves his clients by connecting them to SOLID principals as well as peers that share common goals. Daniel has made a significant contribution to my personal REALife change while assisting me to maximize my skills, character and talents to help others architect and develop a blueprint for their venture and/or philanthropic organization.” Andrew Rauch; Helping Companies Innovate with NearshorePlus Software Development Teams

“Daniel and his team with SOLID were instrumental in helping me identify insights on leveraging my strengths and understanding my weaknesses, all with a focus on increasing my leadership ability. Daniel is very professional with a unique ability to develop a deep trusting relationship. I highly recommend Daniel as an Executive coach!” Adam Moilanen; VP of American Bureau of Shipping

“Most companies (or people) fail not because of what they don’t know – but because of what they do know and go ahead away. Daniel will be straightforward, honest, and tell you like it is. He listens, analyzes, and speaks from the heart and from experience. Highly recommended.” Frank T. Herrera; President & CEO Texas Iron Productions, Film Company

“The time I invested with Daniel (or should I say he invested with me) was the most rewarding and productive career growth and development investment I have ever made. Beyond the professional growth and opportunities he helped me create, I am now more aware of my values, priorities and potential than I was before working with Daniel. Daniel ́s approach and in-depth understanding of the challenges executives face has helped me balance my faith, family, finances and career. I have a better understanding of the future and more importantly my responsibility in creating the future I want for my family and my career. I am grateful to Daniel for seeing my potential and helping me develop my faith in all aspects of my life. It was a gift I will appreciate forever.” Tad Druart; Results-oriented marketing and communications professional

“Daniel was instrumental in successfully coaching me for my first interviews with IBM back in 2000. I got the position and started back then as a Communications Specialist. I am grateful to Daniel who saw the best in me and helped guide me through the interview process which has turned into a remarkable career journey. Today 10 years later, I am an IBM Executive.” Felicity Carson; Marketing Vice President, Customer Experience & Global Events at SAP

“My firm hired Daniel to be my executive coach in 2001. Over the next several years that I worked with him, I was always extremely pleased with the remarkable insights and caring that Daniel delivered. He quickly became a very important mentor and guide for me in my career. Most importantly, he directly helped me improve my performance and results in a very complex corporate environment.” Dan Rourke; Vice President of Customer Support at Spredfast

“Daniel is a professional that drives his clients for results. His approach to the mentoring process is both direct and actionable. I enjoy the opportunity to talk with Daniel.” Ford Pearse; VP Product Management, SYNNEX Corporation

“Daniel has helped me, my peers and some of my direct reports become more effective in their roles, and contribute more to the organizations they lead. He digs deeper than most coaches to find the obstacles that are holding people back, and helps people overcome them. He’s direct with people, and quickly gets to the point of what they need to change.” Amy Summy; Partner/Principal, CMO, Digital Leader

“Daniel’s expertise and experience has helped me at a critical point in my career. As my first formal executive coach, he helped me to approach challenges as opportunities that may have otherwise passed me by. Utilizing both his own techniques honed through several years of coaching hundreds of executives, as well as tried and true resources from other experts and authors, Daniel has helped me transition to a new leadership role with my eyes wide open.” Roger Graham; Area Vice President at Abbott

“Daniel is an extraordinary executive coach with unique and thoughtful insights that transcend the workplace to empower new life changing behaviors. As a coach, Daniel introduced me to a vast network of connections with the most relevant executives in the Austin metro area and throughout the world. SOLID has stood the test of time and has a systematic approach to understanding the challenges executives face on day-to-day decision making, leadership development, career advancement and more. I gladly recommend Daniel and SOLID Leaders.” Marcio Esteves; Chief Architect, Digital Transformation and Strategy at General Motors

“I have worked on and off over the past 12 years with Daniel, regarding different leadership coaching and career mentoring engagements. Daniel has a robust leadership background, assertive techniques and broad network that he draws upon in order to provide leadership coaching success. Having a coach is imperative as you continually develop your leadership skills at differing levels. Daniel has been flexible, supportive and a great coach!” Brett Poirier- VP, Professional Services – Medcity at Aetna

“Daniel Mueller has been a trusted advisor to me since 2001. I have worked with him in corporate group sessions, executive coaching, career coaching, and as a non-profit leader receiving pro-bono assistance. In all of these settings, Daniel has used a set of high quality tools and wise guidance to assist me in sorting through the available options and reaching the best decisions. He serves the client by helping them realize their real priorities and then guiding them to apply their energy and time to most effectively reach their true goals. I highly recommend Daniel to those seeking coaching and guidance in all aspects of executive and leadership development.” – Neil Kenagy; Executive Director

“Daniel helped me identify some personal blind spots which were limiting my career development. Over a few short sessions he coached me how to turn these into strengths. Now two promotions later, I am still building on what Daniel helped me start – many thanks!” Jim Currie; Senior Sales Executive | Innovative Change Leader

“Daniel is an exceptional coach and leader. His in depth knowledge and spot on observations allow him to give accurate and timely advice. You may not like what you hear, but Daniel will always say what needs to be said and it is up to you to listen and act on it. I give the same advice I was given by someone that worked with Daniel. If he tells you that you need to do something, don’t question the validity and do it quickly because he is right almost all the time. The hallmark of an exceptional leader is in their ability to challenge you to accomplish what you didn’t realize was possible.” Ravi Vemulapalli; President at Veteran Supply Services

“Daniel Muller worked with me on taking our business Ticket City to another level. Daniel is very driven and helped get us much more focused on building a successful company. He has many contacts and is always willing to connect us with the right people. His energy and passion are amazing. I highly recommend Daniel.” Clark Kothlow; CFO at Ticket City, Inc.

“Daniel’s passion and focus on helping leaders achieve their full potential in every area of life is obvious. He sees the important connection between personal growth and professional accomplishments. His clear sense of direction and vast business experience make him the ideal consultant, coach, and mentor for the novice or the veteran business professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel for your professional development plan.” Bruce Coe; Assistant Director, Constituency Relations and Stewardship, Development at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

“I worked with Daniel on several occasions: My transition into a sales executive role after years of non-sales employment. He helped me implement critical strategies & disciplines to succeed, to build healthy relationships with all members of management team, and to develop strategies for transitioning my role within company. I highly recommend Daniel for coaching in leadership, sales and personal development to name a few ways I have personally benefited from our work together.” Scott Friesen; Co-Founder at Verdant Frontiers

“Working with Daniel is a challenge… in a good way. Daniel has a unique talent for challenging you to be the best you can be by uncovering and highlighting the longer list of talents you possess and contributions you can make.” Bob Merz; VP Marketing at Additech, Inc.

“Daniel’s passion and expertise have brought about opportunities this year that are changing my life. I hope to know and work with him for years to come.” Steve Rosebaugh; Sales Manager at ASE Group

“Daniel provided very accurate and insightful coaching to me during the period we worked together. Ironically, at the time, I didn’t fully appreciate or agree with the observations he was providing but now, in retrospect, realize he was spot on in the feedback he provided and the areas he coached me on to focus on. He is very adept at reading a person, a situation, and the patterns in people’s behaviors and highlighting those for the individual.” Jason Welsh; Accenture Interactive – Extended Reality

“Daniel is the consummate executive coach. He listens at a high level for comprehension thus comes to know the unique gifts of his clients and steers them in a direction that ensures their ability to achieve peak performance.” David Hughen; Austin HR Co-founder and Managing Partner

“I have known Daniel for nearly 10 years. He has an amazing and almost innate ability to understand highly political and relational situations and recommend specific actions to address them. Daniel provides an objective point of view that anyone in highly visible position needs to maintain and grow their effectiveness and reach their goals. I recommend Daniel to senior level executives seeking guidance in their career or a change in their career trajectory. Daniel is absolutely one of the best in the country.” Jonathan Gilliam; Founder & CEO, Momentum Factor

“Daniel’s depth of knowledge in the executive coaching arena are superb. His methodologies and workflow are concise and tailored. I received more strategic and tactical wisdom from him in 1 hour that I ever would have trying to read a book. He has the gift of insight combined with 20 years of executive coaching experience. I highly recommend him.” Jim Kimo Storke; KAS Consulting Group – Managing Partner

“I have known Daniel for over 10 years and continue to be impressed by his ability to coach, mentor and advise professionals and executives. Daniel takes a keen interest in his clients and is driven to set them on a path of continued growth and opportunity for the long term. Daniel maintains his focus on the big picture and takes a complete “360 degree” approach to working with executives providing guidance not just on a professional basis but on a personal and spiritual level as well. Daniel also has a tremendous network that he is able to call upon and provide connections into delivering invaluable assistance in a range of capacities. I continue to seek Daniel out for insight in dealing with new challenges and opportunities in my career.” Larry Wikelius; VP SW Ecosystem and Solutions Group at Cavium Inc.

“I worked with Daniel on several projects over the past few years. He has super high integrity, develops rapid insights, and has a system that encourages you to take action. If you’re looking for someone to help you better lead your organization Daniel is a great resource.” Brian Goffman; VP at McKinsey & Company

“Daniel provided solid career coaching to me and my organization as a growing start-up. He is able to apply coaching process and structure with personal insight and wisdom. I appreciate his ability to see strengths and build confidence. Daniel can be a good coach to people wanting to grow professionally.” Greg Fitzgerald; CXO, Board Advisor, Security Evangelist

“Daniel has been key for my career and business development. He has helped me from a career standpoint, for example he helped me get executive Jobs at AMD and Anadigics. He has also contributed in my success while working at Freescale with a difficult leadership team. I would recommend Daniel for either type of activity. While I am not currently working with Daniel we will have discussions early next year” Greg White; Director Account Management at TSMC

“Daniel is a talented, intuitive executive coach. His approach focuses on the individual’s need and produces meaningful results. Stressing Integrity is an integral part of the SOLID approach. This is encouraging and refreshing!” Andy Potemski; Group Director at Synopsys

“I consider it a privilege to write a recommendation for Daniel. As an Executive Coach, Daniel has the ability to help you to understand what your goals are and to clear away the minutia that sometimes clouds our minds. It is a huge benefit to have someone who understands your situation, but is far enough away from the day to day to ferret out the core opportunities for growth. At some point in your executive career, you will need a mature, objective and seasoned sounding board and I would recommend Daniel.” Alexander Sapp

“Daniel has made a tremendous impact on both my professional and personal life. He has taught me that people actually think differently than I do, and it is my responsibility to still get along with them. He has also helped me grow spiritually.” John Southard; SIT Validation Architect at Lenovo

“Daniel was a valuable asset in helping me transition from the role of VP to that of COO, and ultimately to CEO. Through his guidance, understanding, and “real world” experiences he was able to help me prepare for and be successful in my professional growth.” Blake Allen; Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager at CenturyLink


“Daniel’s consulting is spot on and high impact. He uses time wisely and drills down with insight on precisely the areas that need to be addressed. Each consultation concludes with specific action items that yield tangible results, one example being a client contract that more than covered Daniel’s fees.” Shelly Priebe; CEO and Executive Coach at Priebe & Associates

“Bottom line: Daniel is a great coach. He is experienced, insightful and effective, using a continually updated program and set of tools, as well as the wisdom gained from his hundreds of clients over the years. Daniel has coached me as well as other professionals I know and all of us would not hesitate to recommend him.” Tracey Nelson; Certified Executive Coach, Strategic Growth Consultant

“When coaching Daniel is able to hone in on the most important factors. He is able to focus the conversation on those factors and clearly point out what needs to be done. He is always supportive but can be confrontational when necessary. I always came away from sessions with increased enthusiasm. As a manager and leader he is a tireless worker who approaches each task with high energy and enthusiasm.” Jim Burr, Therapist at Barnhill and Associates Counseling Center

“Should have engaged 15 years earlier and would have had a different career. Enormously helpful to sort out direction and priorities in my life and career. Love the guy… enough said.” Jan Erik Johansson, Industry Advisor at Tata Consultancy Services

“Daniel was instrumental in providing me the coaching I needed as I made the transition from being a successful senior executive to consulting to senior executives. One thing is to successfully run your own business. It is quite another to successfully consult to senior executives and business owners. That was almost ten years ago and the success I am enjoying today is in part a result of Daniel’s coaching.” – David Lykken; Management Consultant / Mortgage Industry Training & Coaching / Mortgage Consultant / Lykken on Lending Podcast

“Daniel Mueller is an outstanding coach and mentor, I have known Daniel for nearly 8 Yrs, and over that time he has inspired, coached and advised me in the capacity of practices development. Despite the ups and downs of being a consultant, I am still in business and achieve more through the focus Daniel has helped me find. I would recommend anyone in the consulting world to contacting Daniel to discover and unlock their potential.” David Faulkner; Independent Consultant


“Daniel is an executive coaching pro. Besides having extensive experience; he always brings high energy, commitment and a unique ability to build trust, to every engagement.” Samuel Morasca Jr.; Chairman and Director for Sterling Partners portfolio company Boards

“I had the pleasure to know Daniel beginning of 2011. I was very impressed by his ability in short terms to be in sync with his counterparts and to develop high credibility in order to coach and strive them for high performances. Very effective coach.” Roberto Berti; EMEA direct Sales & Services leader at ARCA Worldwide

“The hallmark of an exceptional leader is in their ability to challenge you to accomplish what you didn’t realize was possible. Daniel Mueller has this rare gift. And now, through his company SOLID Executive Partners, he has assembled an all-star team to deliver industry leading advisory and coaching services to a much broader audience. Therefore, it’s my sincere pleasure to recommend Daniel as someone that can make a significant positive impact in your business and career.” Bill Mortimore; Executive Transition, Outplacement, Advisory Services

“Daniel’s wise counsel and incisive coaching has made a significant impact on my life. I am forever grateful.” Donald Sabathier; Human Resources VP/SVP/Director/Board Member

“Dan is without a doubt the number one Executive Coach in the country. He runs a company with hundreds of outstanding Executive Coaches servicing Fortune 500 companies.“ Bob Snelling; Owner, ROSSHR, Inc.