Bruce Graham Coe

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25+ years of leadership experience, and has led six major national capital campaigns as well as numerous annual fundraising initiatives.


Bruce Graham Coe

Bruce Graham Coe has more than 25 years’ leadership experience, has led six major national capital campaigns and numerous annual fundraising initiatives for non-profit organizations.

As a Partner with SOLID Executive Partners, Coe delivers strategic advisory and coaching services by leveraging his experience in marketing, interpersonal skills, and turn-around strategies for transitional markets. A highly energetic, passion-driven professional with extensive experience in leading organizations to achieve their mission, Coe creates a collaborative atmosphere among team members for an affinity-oriented culture.

Since 2007, Coe has served as Chaplain of The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, a 400-bed specialty hospital in Houston, Texas. Responsibilities include initiating and starting the first Chaplaincy program for the hospital, developing several patient and employee programs to improve the quality of services, and serving on the hospital’s ethics, bereavement, and patient-centered committees. From 2002 to 2005, Coe was Senior Pastor at Castle Hills First Baptist Church, a 13,000-member congregation in San Antonio, Texas, where he drove and managed annual revenue of $11M, directed over 200 paid employees, coordinated over 600 volunteers, and implemented fiscal strategies reducing expenses (saving $3M, or 32 percent) and raising revenues with a 21 percent increase in three years. Coe has also held leadership roles at First Baptist Church Chandler in Chandler, Arizona (1993 to 2002) among others.

Coe earned a BS from the University of the Ozarks and a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been featured on Day Star (Christian Broadcasting Network), PTL (Christian Broadcasting Network), and WOAI (NBC—affiliate, San Antonio, TX). Coe is active in the Southern Baptist Convention, a 16M-member organization that hosts a national convention with approximately 15,000 in attendance and the distribution of over $500M annually towards missional purposes. He served as Chairman of the Executive Committee (2001-2002) and Chairman of the Committee on Order of Business (2004-2005).