David Duncavage

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25 years of executive experience bringing disruptive technologies to high-tech markets.


David Duncavage

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Executive Roles Held

SVP & Executive Officer
VP Asian Operations
Japan Business Manager

Functional Expertise

IoT Networks
Leading from the Front
Business Turnarounds
New Technology Development
Strategic Alliance Development
US & International Business
Large-Scale Business Strategic Planning & Transformation
Change Management Strategy
Organizational Redesign
Analytical Software Platforms
Product Development
Supply Chain Management

Industry Expertise

Data Analytics Software
Sensor Networks
Data Center


David Duncavage has more than 25 years of executive experience bringing disruptive technologies to high-tech markets. These include semiconductor process equipment, analytical software suites, desalinization technologies, high-temperature superconductivity, data center asset management, and IoT software and sensor systems.

David has served as President, COO, and SVP for a number of businesses and Executive Officer for a Japanese company where he was responsible for revenue generation with major US IC companies. He has experience in startups as well as privately owned and publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, David is a board and CEO advisor and a senior executive coach. He specializes in helping executives improve their ability to achieve their goals through one-on-one executive coaching and advising services.

From 2015 to 2018, David was COO at RF Code, where he engineered a turnaround that led to profitability for the first time in the company’s history. By focusing the company on the data center market, he freed up human and capital resources to develop software systems capable of processing millions of data points in real time, increasing revenue 20% in 2016 and 37% in 2017.

Prior to RF Code, David was President at MetOx (2013 to 2015), where he transformed lab-based MOCVD processes to a production system and shifted focus from a standalone operation to a technology partnership model. Before this, David was COO of Riley Solutions (2012 to 2013), a startup in the light armor industry. Prior, he was VP at FEDCO (2010 to 2012), a leader in the desalinization market. Projects he managed included a successful $4.6M negotiation for energy recovery systems for a major desalinization facility in Saudi Arabia. From 2009 to 2010, David was a consultant for a startup SaaS company focused on using AI in sales and marketing automation.

From 2001 to 2008, as SVP and Executive Officer at ACCRETECH Tokyo Seimitsu, David was responsible for bringing Tokyo Seimitsu’s IC production equipment to leading IC firms in the US while developing new product lines in the US that won prestigious international semiconductor awards. Before this, as VP of Engineering and Asian Operations at ADE Corporation (1997 to 2001), David led teams that developed software and hardware products for advanced IC production, growing revenue from $62M to over $100M in 2 years.

David began his business career at Texas Instruments at the advanced IC production fab in Hiji, Japan. As Japan Business Manager, he was responsible for coordinating IC design activities between the US and Japan. In all his assignments, he focused on the development of teams based on mutual trust and respect. In the end, technology alone does not win, people do.

While attending West Point, David was a linebacker on the Army football team, where he still holds the all-time record for most tackles in a single season. After graduating from West Point with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, David served in the Infantry and Finance branches of the US Army. He consulted and studied in Japan, later received a master’s degree in theology at Boston College, and pursued doctoral studies focused on Asia at Harvard.