Jerry Carmody

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25+ years of experience in executive-level sales, financial operations management, and estate and financial planning.


Jerry Carmody

Jerry Carmody has more than 25 years’ experience in executive-level sales and financial operations management. He also has significant expertise in estate and financial planning, including institutional money management for several leading institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

Carmody leverages his experience in coaching and mentoring to deliver SOLIDleaders’ services to top-level executives and senior leaders, specializing in sales, prospecting and closing of high-end business deals. He has coached CEOs of major organizations and top leaders throughout the world. Carmody leverages his significant network of key influencers to help clients grow their personal networks. He is talented at understanding a client’s core behavioral and cognitive drivers, facilitating transformation and next level performance. Carmody also serves SOLID clients as a financial advisor, helping companies large and small to limit liability through custom asset protection strategies.

From 2007 to present, as President and CEO of the Carmody Group (a registered investment advisory firm), Carmody has offered advice on business succession planning, corporate recapitalization, asset protection, gifting, and deferred compensation plans in Texas. He specializes in family estate planning, from negative net worth to over $100 million, coordinating a team of advisors to help grow, protect and preserve wealth through generations. He also has significant expertise in private and institutional money management, financial planning, and insurance.

Prior to starting the Carmody Group in 2007, he held the position of Director of Training and Development, Managing Principal at Lincoln Financial Group – Sagemark Consulting from 2003. In that capacity he mentored and coached hundreds of advisors, certified financial planners, attorneys and CPAs in how to grow their practice while maintaining his own. Carmody worked with the Dallas office to generate over $25 million dollars a year in production and was consistently in the Top 5 nationally. He was on the board of the prestigious National Select Financial Planner Group where he selected, coached and mentored the best of the best.

Previously Carmody worked for Cigna Financial Group from 1997, who were later bought by Lincoln Financial Advisors / Sagemark Consulting. There he was an Estate/Financial Planner in the High Net Worth Group, having previously built a solid career in business banking and international credit with Autodesk in Sausalito, California. Carmody began his career in San Francisco in 1986 with senior management positions at Household Finance Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank, Autodesk, Gary Fisher Bicycle Corporation and West America Bank – Napa Valley. In Dallas he was Corporate Communication Manager for Nissan Corporate, then founded an Edward Jones Investments office in Colleyville, Texas.

As Founder and Chairman of Men in Transition (M.I.T.), a career, life, mentoring and coaching group, Carmody firmly believes individual, one-on-one coaching is the best vehicle for true, intrinsic change. He addresses each client’s particular needs and provides a customized array of resources, helping each reach their full potential. He is known for his passion in helping people gain the best possible careers and providing coaching services to faith-based organizations. Carmody has five predominant areas of focus in his life—God, family, ministry, work and mentoring—and is actively involved at Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas.

Key Board of Director roles Carmody holds include the Presidents Council at Dallas Christian College. He also serves on the board of directors at the Well of the Oath Legal Clinic. Carmody holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business.