Joe Pack

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30+ years of C-level experience as CEO, president, and VP, and is known for his cutting-edge IT tactics, team building, and a “Lead by Example” mentoring approach.


Joe Pack

Joe Pack has more than 30 years’ of C-level experience as CEO, president, and VP and has led dozens of organizations through cutting-edge IT tactics, team building, and a “Lead by Example” mentoring approach.

Pack specializes in executive coaching for high-potential leaders and junior executives. He also serves as an advisor to entrepreneurial CEOs in areas such as strategic planning, tactical execution, process selling, leadership, and team building. Pack has significant expertise in sales, sales management, sales training, manufacturing, and operations skills learned during his time in the U.S. Military.

From 2008 to present, Pack has excelled as CEO, president, and owner of Murphy Business, a business broker agency servicing companies with up to $25M in sales revenue. From 2000 to 2011, Pack assisted leaders in establishing KPIs within their organization – enabling them to achieve new revenue goals both on the top and bottom line.

During this time, Pack was also CEO of a midsize manufacturing company where he turned around negative EBITDA, achieved 20% revenue increase, and reduced employee turnover from 21% to 10% via implementation of monthly communication meetings and plant reviews. He also cut costs by 20%, direct labor by 18%, and scrap from 5% to 1% within one year – resulting in savings of $3M through investment in Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5S, and other process and best practice improvements.

From 2000 to 2003, Pack worked as VP of Sales & Marketing for Unimark Plastics, where he negotiated a $20M contract with the largest medical customer and re-invented the business process, allowing both companies to reduce the cost of doing business, and secured the contract for three years with automatic renewals. Pack has also led C-level groups and directed them to improve success in leadership, decision-making, and business profitability.

As an executive, Pack has had to make tough decisions to ensure the company makes its goals and objectives. With a keen eye from both the 30,000 feet level and the floor level, he has been able to create an environment within the organization that is focused on the betterment of all the stakeholders: the owners, Board of Directors, customer, employee, company management, and vendors/suppliers.