Mike Considine

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15+ years of executive experience, and is well known as a pioneer in the field of risk management.


Mike Considine

Mike Considine is a seasoned executive well known as an early pioneer in the field of risk management. With more than 29 years of leadership experience in this area, he is a world-class leader in assessing and managing major industrial hazards. His particular expertise is in the oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, regulatory and insurance sectors. Considine combines technical know-how with strategic thinking to minimize risk and maximize profitability for his clients.

Currently, Considine provides management consulting through his private, global practice. His work with SOLIDleaders leverages his subject matter expertise, executive experience and broad knowledge of the organizational and operational aspects of major corporations.

Considine is able to effectively interact throughout corporate hierarchies, from highly technical experts all the way to senior vice presidents and CEOs of Fortune 50 companies. He has a firm grasp of projects, operations and the development of corporate strategy and policy within the oil and chemical industry. Most recently, he has done process safety and risk management consulting for a number of major chemical and oil and gas companies including Husky Energy, Air Products, Centrica, and I Chem E.

Considine is the former head of a high-profile corporate team at a global, deca-billion-dollar O&G company. Under his leadership across the board, the team crafted sound policy, institutionalized positive change and transformed workplace culture. Considine is known for setting clear direction and identifying attainable objectives, recruiting and developing outstanding staff, and effectively managing multimillion-dollar budgets.

Considine spent more than 20 years in a corporate safety leadership role at BP. He oversaw the assessment of major hazards across all the company’s operations including refining, exploration and production, shipping, chemicals, transport, retail, logistics and distribution, international businesses, and alternative energy. He provided overall management of a transatlantic technical department and senior leadership for the Major Hazards and Fire Team. Considine was responsible for developing the company’s policy and methodology for assessing and managing hazards associated with high-risk operations. Implementation of this policy resulted in a multibillion-dollar investment in modifications to new projects and upgrades of existing operations.

Considine left BP in early 2010 to enter private practice as a risk management consultant. A few months later, after the Gulf of Mexico incident, BP retained him as a consultant for change management and organizational development initiatives.

In 1985, Considine served as a senior risk manager for Bowring Risk Management (latterly Marsh McLennan). There, he did risk-related consulting for oil and gas clients, public utilities, transportation and high-tech industries such as pharmaceuticals and space. He also provided an engineering interface, enabling multibillion-dollar risks to be placed in the London insurance market.

Considine has done extensive work in the nuclear, oil and chemical industries. In addition, he has significant experience in navigating and executing highly complex projects covering business risks such as public liabilities associated with the construction and operation of transportation links, liabilities associated with gas and electricity supply and distribution systems and more.

Before this, Considine worked for the Safety and Reliability Directorate of the UK Major Hazards and Fire Team AEA in the Major Hazards and Transport Group. He provided risk-related consultancy advice to top officials in various governmental entities including the Health and Safety Executive, Department of Transport and British Rail. As a member of a regulatory panel, he assisted key local authorities with planning related to major hazard installations.

Considine co-authored a groundbreaking study of the risks involved with a major petrochemical complex in the Thames Estuary, which served as a model for similar assessments around the world. He was a member of the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Substances and was employed by the UK Health and Safety Executive to assist in implementing the newly enacted European “Seveso” Directive.

Prominent players in the O&G industry have recognized Considine’s professionalism and executive leadership skills. He has received two BP Chairman’s Awards and the I Chem E Moulton Medal. In 2007, he received I Chem E’s Franklin Medal for “multiple years of outstanding contribution to process safety.”

Considine’s professional memberships include leadership positions within several industry and governmental working groups. Today, Considine serves in an executive capacity with the European Federation of Chemical Engineers, where he is a thought leader regarding loss prevention. Also, since 1999 he has chaired the Safety and Loss Prevention Subject Group. A prolific writer, Considine has authored numerous papers and has organized and presented at several international events on topics related to major hazard management.

Considine earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and a doctorate, both in chemistry, from Manchester University. He is a chartered engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He is based in Surrey, England.