Payam Maveddat

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22+ years of experience as a senior executive, serving in 4 VP roles, and specializes in telecom, product management, marketing, and business development.


Payam Maveddat

Payam Maveddat has more than 22 years of experience as a senior executive, serving in 4 VP roles. He specializes in global telecommunications, product management, marketing, and business development.

Maveddat offers an effective combination of management, leadership, innovation, and communication skills. To date, he has been involved in building a technology start-up, raising venture capital, taking products from conception to revenue generation (direct & OEM), managing P&Ls, strategic alliances, and merger/acquisition processes.

Since 2011, Maveddat has been the Chief Strategist and Executive Vice President of Product Management and Business Development at Taqua, LLC. The Texas-based company develops next-generation broadband systems and mobile applications. In this role, Maveddat successfully spearheaded the acquisition and integration of Tatara Systems, while securing lucrative reseller agreements with major communications providers, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent. He was also responsible for the company’s single largest deployment of a multimedia product, resulting in its highest quarter of orders.

Prior to this role, Maveddat was Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Mavenir Systems for three years. The company is a leading provider of software-based networking products for voice, video, and messaging communications. He successfully negotiated and signed major equipment vendors like Cisco and Alvarion for the resell of the company’s flagship communications product mOne™ in various markets around the world. He was also responsible for managing a multi-site engineering team (Shanghai, Bangalore, and Texas) to drive R&D programs.

Since 1992, Maveddat has held senior executive roles at a number of Texas-based technology companies. In these positions, he generated million-dollar profits in a matter of months, and secured multi-year product supply contracts ranging from $15M to $300M. He has also written and published more than 25 technical papers.

Maveddat holds an MBA in International Marketing and Finance from the University of Texas. He also holds a Master’s of Science and BS in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Iowa, respectively. He currently teaches courses in business management and ethics, and mathematics, at the University of Phoenix.