Sarah Miller

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7+ years of experience as a senior manager in a leading global management consulting firm and significant expertise in market research.


Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is an emerging leader in environmental science and policy.

A cutting-edge thinker in this new and rapidly growing sector, Miller has a broad education in the environmental field. Her passion for this area led to her earning a Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy, a degree jointly administered by Columbia University’s School and International and Public Affairs and The Earth Institute.

Miller is focused on global environmental sustainability, as well as uncovering practical business applications that make the greatest possible impact in this area. She is a passionate, high-energy environmental professional who is particularly focused on clean energy and technology issues. Part of the vanguard of young professionals in this high-growth industry, she has completed extensive advanced studies on the convergence of science, policy and economics in relation to clean energy. In the area of risk management, Miller is able to shed light on key environmental risks and assist in developing effective solutions to manage and mitigate these risks.

Miller is based in New York City.