Shelly Orr Priebe

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11+ years of senior executive experience as CEO and 20+ years in key leadership roles, with the last 3 focused on delivering executive coaching.


Shelly Orr Priebe

Shelly Orr Priebe has 11 years of CEO experience and over 20 years in key leadership roles. She offers career and leadership coaching as well as advisory services in management, business, and operations. She also provides leadership coaching and mentoring for leaders of non-profit organizations.

Priebe draws on her CEO experience to provide real-world coaching and advisory services. As a coach, she delivers custom-tailored engagements for each executive. As an advisor, she gives concrete guidance designed to drive profitability of the organization. Practical and no-nonsense, she believes that executives are too busy for textbook theory: she hones in on key issues and concentrates on the bottom line. She helps her coaching clients emphasize their strengths and manage the vulnerabilities that can limit their success, and provides advisory services to help organizations grow to the next level of organizational effectiveness.

Priebe is intuitive, motivating, and naturally wired as a senior executive, which inspires clients to boost their performance to the next level. She has extensive experience in sales and marketing strategies, solution-focused selling, branding, public relations, human resources, and organization development and design. Priebe has particular expertise in the nuances of succeeding in a global village, has lived abroad, and is experienced in managing global teams.

From 1999 to 2009, Priebe served as President of McElroy Translation, where she dramatically improved their technology infrastructure and retrained over 300 staff and contractors to outpace industry commoditization. Her focus on future-proofing positioned McElroy as a worldwide thought leader with best practice in Web 2.0, vendor management, BPO, managed crowdsourcing, globalization, workflow automation, and statistical machine translation. This improved margins by 27%, created new market niches, and closed six-figure deals in Human-Assisted Machine Translation and Rapid Decision-Making Translation, using end-to-end automation with no project-management footprint.

Priebe has published, spoken, and trained international audiences on collaboration through crowdsourcing. She conducts training and speaks for the Globalization and Localization Association, a worldwide industry trade association with members from 43 countries. She especially loves presenting on how to propel organizations to next-level results.

Priebe serves on the Boards of Center Stage, a youth program for the arts, and the Capital of Texas Chapter of National Charity League. She earned an MBA in International Marketing from École Supérieure de Commerce in Pau, France.