How do you turn your assessments into results and action? Executives embrace taking numerous assessments because they desire to understand their strengths and weaknesses. While that is great, many lose track of the assessments they have taken and the lessons learned.

Track Results to Get Results

Having a central repository for insights into your strengths and weaknesses will be essential as you progress your executive career. Even more important is recording key paradigm shifts and documenting blind spots you have uncovered. These are your blind spots no more! 

Our free ebook Eliminate Executive Blind Spots is your repository for all things assessment-related. If you would prefer not to download this tool, I suggest you use a spreadsheet to capture the assessments you’ve taken, along with lessons learned, key insights, context, and the corresponding date.

When was the last time you reviewed your completed executive assessments? Do you have them backed up in one place? 

Turning Assessments into Actions

If your completed assessments are in good order, make the most of your findings by discussing them with your executive coach. They can help you build an action plan based on all the self-knowledge you have accumulated. Bona fide CEOs and senior executives who have not yet worked with a SOLID coach can schedule a complimentary session. We will guide you towards harnessing your potential and maximising your leadership skills!

We look forward to hearing how your assessments have changed your thinking.