At SOLID, we use a wide variety of tests and assessments. However, we have our favorite go-to instruments, and one of the best is the DiSC. Take one to gain further understanding of behavioral styles.

What Is the DiSC?

The DiSC is a behavioral style assessment that measures your “preferred behavior,” and it has been proven by millions over its decades-long history. We have been administering it since SOLID’s founding in 1989. 

Understanding Your Behavioral Style

Your behavioral style can change. Sometimes this is due to time and experience. Sometimes simply due to a change in setting, such as work vs. home. The DiSC takes a snapshot of your preferred behavior, today, at work. It provides an overall assessment of your behavioral style and provides insight and strategies for increased effectiveness.

Understanding the Behavioral Styles of Others

Your report will also tell you how you’ll likely react to the styles of others. It suggests ways of relating to people with different behavioral preferences.

You will discover:

  • methods of connecting behaviorally,
  • dealing with difficult people and solving workplace conflict. 
  • learn how to identify other styles and
  • better adapt your style to meet the needs of co-workers. This one insight alone can be transformational.

Your SOLID executive coach can help you with accessing the DiSC assessment and seeing the impact of behavioral styles on your executive career. If you don’t have a SOLID coach yet, and you are a genuine CEO or other top executive, then you can schedule a complimentary session.

Be sure to record your results at the end of the DiSC section in Eliminate Executive Blind Spots.

If you are not convinced that assessments will improve your performance as an executive, see our previous One-Minute Coaching™ post on the Johari Window to learn why they’re so valuable.