The immediate focus of my leadership development was on the needs to expand my influence and develop better internal and external relationships. I have been able to use many of the techniques and tools to coach, mentor and train high potential leaders on my team to greater performance.”Dan R. - VP Services - Global Software Developer

Our Leadership Development Platform

SOLIDleaders provides transformational leadership development coaching, training, and consulting, leveraging our proven team of seasoned entrepreneurs, CEO’s, senior executives; a stakeholder-centric methodology with supporting IP and tools to help any leader or organization achieve measurable results for optimizing investments in their talent.


Our seasoned coaches understand the sweet spot—the intersection of greatest skills, abilities, and passions. SOLID keeps our delivery team focused on executing work within each leader’s sweet spot.


Our subject matter experts share critical experience in functional areas such as sales, marketing, operations, IT, board and human resources to guide the next generation of leaders.


Our team helps your current and potential leaders discover and define a clear and compelling purpose, focus and accountability for your organization’s most critical and top priorities.

Building a Legacy of Transformational Leaders

SOLID has been providing leadership development services since 1989. The following companies from equity-backed, start-up to F100 for-profit and not-for-profit orgnizations are a sample of the experience by our team and firm.



> Real World

All SOLID advisors, coaches, trainers and mentors have held key line management or leadership roles prior to joining our advising, coaching, training or mentoring practices and they are matched to clients based on credentials and experience.

> Best Practices

We offer a comprehensive list of services for advising, coaching, training, and mentoring needs. We are able to transition seamlessly between these disciplines, providing effective solutions for the leader’s unique challenges.

> Custom Designed

We maximize the firm’s unique advantages by designing customized solutions which directly address business issues. We believe every engagement requires a tailored solution designed to yield maximum return on investment.

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