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SOLIDleaders Capabilities

Since 1989, SOLIDleaders has developed thousands of CEOs and their direct reports. It remains on the cutting edge of executive leadership coaching.

Growing Highly Effective Leaders

“I am really enjoying our sessions . . . Your coaching is really helping me deal with many aspects of my work life. It helps me deal with my senior executive relationships. As well, it helps me work with and motivate my people to be more productive. It is great to have someone experienced to bounce off of situations that are complex and troubling to me—as they say in the MasterCard commercials, ‘priceless.’ ”

Mitchell M. – President – $2B Technology Distributor

“SOLID began coaching me nearly five years ago. They helped me move gracefully and effectively into my first executive managment position as a Nat’l VP of [a] $170M company. I still use SOLID’s teachings nearly every day in my professional and personal life. They do excellent work.”

Randy R. – Managing Director

“SOLID has been a catalyst for change [not only in] my career, but most importantly in my personal life as well. One of the takeaways that will always be with me is SOLID’s infamous hangman exercise to teach you the most powerful three-letter word in the dictionary. 'Ask' SOLID for help and I am certain you will experience life change for the better.”

Andrew R. – President – Startup Professional Services Corporation

“The immediate focus of our coaching was on the needs I had to expand my influence and develop better external relationships. However, the principles I learned through the coaching have been applicable across many situations and growth opportunities since then. I have also been able to use many of the same techniques and approaches to mentor and coach high potential members of my team to higher performance.”

Dan R. – VP Services – Global Software Developer

“I have been a client of SOLID’s for several years now. Their experience and guidance has been instrumental in successfully navigating the difficult journey from individual contributor to executive management. Our work together has definitely put me further ahead in my career than I otherwise would have been.”

Lane W. – Business Development Manager

“I engaged SOLID as my executive coach last year. The result? A profoundly positive impact on my life and business. Daniel Mueller has my highest recommendation.”

Bob C. – President – Startup Artificial Intelligence Company

“SOLID has gifted and well-connected executive coaches who added tremendous value both to my company during a significant period of transition, as well as helped make me a more effective leader through 1-on-1 coaching. I highly recommend SOLID for anyone motivated to improve their career.”

Robert J. – Business Development Executive – $178M Software Company

“[My SOLID coach] provided amazing support for me in my recent career transition to VP of Business Development for a software company. Now every month he is helping me advance my career performance, improve my family life, and to grow spiritually.”

T. F. – Business Development Executive – $43M Global Interactive Agency

“At a time when I was in a position to make a significant upward career move, I needed a great executive coach . . . and I found the best in SOLID Leaders. Thanks!”

Tim G. – CFO – Publicly Traded Healthcare Company

“[My SOLID coach] has been an outstanding resource for me through several key phases of my career over the past five years. In my acquiring of a new role, he’s helped me realize 10% to 20% more in compensation. And he helped me operate at the highest levels of effectiveness with my boss, peers, and customers. Daniel has a gift for understanding exactly what coaching is needed in a given situation, and provides the right mix of encouragement and challenge to help me achieve my best.”

Tom F. – VP Business Development – Fortune 50

“SOLID has made a tremendous impact on both my professional and personal life. They taught me that people actually think differently than I do, and it is my responsibility to still get along with them. They also helped me grow spiritually.”

John S. – Systems Test Manager

“Do you know the saying that goes something like 'Some friends are for a season, some are for a reason'? I know that you were definitely a friend for a reason in my life. At that point, you gave me the encouragement and confidence to 'keep on keeping on' in the face of a constant battle that eventually ended in a way that you predicted. Thank you for giving me the support I needed in that 'season.' It was definitely a building block in the building of my character.”

Donna B. – Technology Executive – Fortune 500

“[My SOLID coach] has a large and effective toolbox for helping executives. He can coach at a deep personal level or across teams by balancing an individual’s needs and challenges with the organization's strategic business requirements. His methods and interactions are highly practiced and efficient with an intense focus on producing agreed outcomes against the agreed time and dollar investment. [He] has helped me personally as an executive coach when I needed a collaborator and advisor.”

Lloyd W. – President and CEO – Software Startup

“I can highly endorse SOLID. They helped to accelerate my professional career on multiple occasions. SOLID has also helped me turn my personal life around and live a much more balanced life. All I can say is without SOLID’s coaching I would not be where I am today!”

Dick T. – VP of Customer Service

“SOLID’s insights into work/life balance, the executive mindset and human psychology are invaluable to anyone looking to forward their executive career. I highly recommend them as executive coaches.”

Andrew K. – Technology Executive – $5B+ Global Oil and Gas Service Company

"The question is, do you want to get better at what you do in life and work? If so, then you need Daniel on your team. Helping you be better at all you do is his passion. What I enjoy most is the back and forth of discovery I have with him each month. He listens well and probes even better. It really doesn’t matter if you are at the top of your game or just starting out, Daniel always seems able to meet you where you are."

Rich C. – Executive Director – Faith-Based Nonprofit

Companies We Have Served

SOLIDleaders, LLC has been providing services to executives since 1989. SOLID has hundreds of individual and corporate case studies, which are available upon request with permission from our clients. Our references include:

Consumer Services
frog design
RMM Online Advertising

Healthcare & Wellness

Brackenridge Hospital
HealthCare International
Hills Medical Sports Complex
Seton Healthcare
Total Fitness
Wellness Consultants

IT Distribution

GE Access
General Electric
Intelogic Trace
DXC Technology

IT Manufacturing

Alchemy Semiconductor
Applied Materials
Cisco Systems
Cypress Semiconductor
Sun Microsystems




ABBA Ministries
First Evangelical Free Church
First Colony Church
Gateway Community Church
Grace Covenant Church
Lakeway Church
LeTourneau University
LifeAustin Church
Priority Associates

VC / Private Equity

Austin Ventures
DFJ Mercury
Seed Stage Capital
Sevin Rosen
Dimensional Fund Advisors

Information Services

Digital Globe
Dun & Bradstreet
Hoover’s Online
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Charles Schwab
Publicis Sapient
Robert Half
Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Executive Search

DES Growth Partners
Heidrick & Struggles
John Casey & Associates
The Insource Group

Oil & Gas

Apache Corporation
Athens Group
Baker Hughes
BG Group
Diamond Shamrock
DONG Energy
Energy International Group
PathFinder Energy Services

Professional Services

Booz & Company
Decision Consultants
Environmental Resources Mgmt.
Process Core Group
Tatum CFO
Waterstone Management Group
Bank of America
Capital One
Frost Bank
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Korn Ferry
Lockton Companies
Texas Capital Bank
USI Insurance Services
Wells Fargo


BMC Software
Cadence Design Systems
Convio Software
Liaison Technologies
Pervasive Software
Silicon Metrics
Tivoli Systems
Tonic Software
Traq Wireless
Trilogy Software
Vignette Software
Waveset Technologies
Zilliant Technologies


Cellular One
GTE Mobilnet
Southwestern Bell


Fun Vacation Rentals
Ryland Homes
Tellepsen Construction
Scott Felder Homes

Custom Solutions

We develop custom-tailored solutions for each person and company and serve as an expert matchmaker. Each SOLID advisor, coach, or consultant is carefully matched based on your very specific needs and their sweet spot of capabilities. This is defined as the intersection between their greatest skills, abilities, and passions with the natural direction of their career.

Consistent Quality

SOLID’s matchmaking ensures our clients get the best resources with consistent quality delivery and a single point of accountability. Most of SOLID’s delivery team started out as clients of SOLID sometime during the past three decades. They are known quantities with long-term, proven track records of significant business success. You can rely on us to deliver year after year.

Certified Business Advisors

We provide extensive training and certification for our team. Our certified executive advisors provide business and management advice for senior executives who want an outside, objective perspective to optimize the functioning of their organization. Your advisor is a highly respected business executive, carefully matched to your needs by size of company, location, functional role, and industry.

Certified Executive Coaches

Our certified executive coaches provide one-on-one development of the individual executive. We deliver the full range of executive development services, including interview-based and electronic 360-degree assessments, leadership and management development coaching, and high potential identification and development. We also provide all-team coaching.

Certified C-Suite Management & Organization Development Consultants

Our certified executive consultants provide traditional management and business consulting. We solve difficult issues by leveraging real-world executive experience, subject matter expertise, and industry knowledge. Well beyond theory, our team has personally encountered similar situations throughout their senior executive careers. Our management, business, and organizational development consultants have sat in your chair, experienced your pain, and can collaborate with you as true peers, designing practical solutions that work. The extreme pedigree and real-world experience of our team sets us apart from most consulting firms that can’t truly understand how to solve your difficult business challenges in practical ways that get cost-effective and immediate results. Our favorite expression: “We provide you a resultant, not a consultant!”

Comprehensive Services

We specialize in helping individuals and organizations grow to the next level of performance. An innovative national leader in coaching, training, and consulting, we serve leaders at all levels and excel at helping transform them, those they lead, and the organizations they run. We do this by delivering superior, leading-edge CEO and board advising, executive leadership and career coaching, and C-suite consulting.

Our Leadership Development Platform

SOLIDleaders provides transformational leadership development coaching, training, and consulting, leveraging our proven team of seasoned entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior executives alongside a stakeholder-centric methodology with supporting IP and tools to help any leader or organization achieve measurable results for optimizing investments in their talent.

Senior Executive Coaching

Our senior executive coaches are certified, seasoned, and highly credentialed executives. Because of their extensive business backgrounds, credibility and trust are quickly established, clients are more coachable, and the results more immediate and noteworthy.

Execution Coaching
  • Personal time management
  • Task and priority management
  • Hitting goals and objectives
  • Performance enhancement
  • Meeting management
  • Organizing self and others
  • Solving problems
  • Driving action and results
  • Running the business
  • Creating innovation
  • Leveraging intelligence
Management Coaching
  • High potential development
  • Retention of top talent
  • Managing teams
  • Managing operations
  • Fast-tracking high-potential executives
  • Planned succession
  • Management/leadership of former peers
  • Assimilation and onboarding
  • Managing human capital and performance
  • Managing through change
  • Profit and loss management
Core Character
  • Balancing/navigating work and family demands
  • Personal life issues; non-work related
  • Self-esteem, morale, and motivation
  • Boundary setting and accountability
  • Personal self-motivation, drive, and initiative
  • Character, ethics, and core values
Relationship Coaching
  • Listening to others
  • Reading body language
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Relationship building and management
  • Personality/behavioral assessments
  • Interfacing with boss and boss’s peers and superiors
  • Staff cohesiveness / team building/development
  • Political awareness and sensitivity
  • Whole-team executive coaching
  • Adapting own behavioral style
Leadership Development Coaching
  • Casting vision
  • Demonstrating courage
  • Leading strategy
  • Inspiring others
  • Exercising good judgment
  • Expanding organizational influence
  • Instituting leadership best practices
  • Gaining and leveraging leadership mentors
  • Driving consensus and alignment
  • Increasing political awareness
  • Becoming more sensitive; improving emotional intelligence

CEO Advising & C-Suite Consulting

Our team of seasoned CEOs and senior executives are proven change agents with undeniable track records of helping organizations and their leaders achieve difficult objectives and produce significant ROI. Examples of some typical topics include:

Operational and Strategic
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Executive off-sites and board facilitation
  • Functional planning (sales, IT, finance, etc.)
  • Strategic business planning
  • Business process reengineering
  • Market analysis and planning
Corporate Performance Management
  • Performance management systems
  • One-on-one direct report effectiveness
  • Sensitivity and harassment interventions
  • Employee performance assessments
  • Identification/assessment of top talent
  • Mentoring programs
Team Design and Development
  • Team assessment and surveys
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Driving alignment
  • Process improvement
  • Reporting structures
  • Succession planning and retention
Change Management & Organization Development
  • Organizational assessments
  • Culture change initiatives
  • Change management
  • CEO/board transitions
  • Downsizing and reorganization
  • M&A and post-merger integrations
Board and Executive Team Initiatives
  • Executive staff retreats
  • Strategic planning off-sites
  • Team building
  • Mission/vision/values development
  • Restructuring board
  • Assimilating new CEO / C-suite officer / SVP
SOLID’s “Categories of Competency System” integrates seamlessly into all corporate or third-party competency models. When requested, we use our client’s existing executive assessment tools, and tailor our services to support an existing framework. Or, we use our own tools, freely shared and willingly modified, to better meet our client’s needs.

Building a Legacy of Transformational Leaders

Years in Business

Clients Served

Hours of Coaching

SOLIDleaders Capabilities

Start your journey to success today—put a member of our team on yours by finding the right resource for your needs.

Extraordinary Team
  • 1,500+ combined years of CEO- and SVP-level experience
  • Broad range of industry expertise
  • Experience across all corporate sizes & structures
Innovative Approach
  • Team-based coaching
  • Large stable of talent
  • Certified coaches
Bottom-Line Results
  • Proven, ROI-driven solutions
  • Individually tailored selection process
  • Senior executive specialists

Online Cloud-Based Solutions

Our online leadership development systems are accessible from anywhere and easy to use, and develop senior executives, their direct reports, and all levels, including first line managers. Highly effective for succession planning, our system provides senior executives with unprecedented visibility into the strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots of all managers within their organization.

One-Minute Coaching

Thought Leadership That’s Always On Point

Execution: Solving Problems

Execution: Solving Problems

Problems happen. That’s why we have sayings like “That’s life,” and philosophies like Murphy’s Law. While both of these reflect a cynical attitude, life does come with challenges. You can’t do business without facing and solving problems. Successful executives...

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Execution: Running the Business

Execution: Running the Business

Running a business well requires you to continually develop and hone your business skills. Heres how you can enhance your business acumen. Knowledge is power. The more you know about business principles, the more you can apply them

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Execution: Managing Time and Priorities

Execution: Managing Time and Priorities

5 Ways Executives Can Improve at Managing Time and Priorities. Each executive has 1440 minutes per day. The better you can manage your time and priorities, the more of the best things you’ll get done. Not just anything. Not time-wasters or time-fillers. Not even just good things, but the best things—both for the short and long term.

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